Android development

Radioseven for Android

Radioseven for Android

Developed exclusively for Seven Broadcasting, this app gives you access to Sweden's number one online radio - Radioseven on your Android phone.
With this installed on your phone, you always have the latest and best dance, trance and house music in your pocket!

For more information about Radioseven, visit www.radioseven.se

If you have questions about this app or need support, e-mail android@hellbergmedia.com

We now have a backup server online for the mobile stream and the app should be working again (although it might take some time before all DNS servers has updated to the ip address of the new server).

FAQ - Radioseven for Android

  • What kind of phone do you need to run the app?
    You need a phone running the Android operating system, version 1.6 (donut) or later. There's been some issues with this app on SonyEricsson X10i, as reported by our betatesters, but hopefully it should work for most people. If it does not work on your phone, please tell us!
  • What permissions does the app require?
    The app requires permission to access the network (for the streaming and showing current song, ads and other information) and phone state permission to detect incoming or outgoing calls, stop the stream and resume after the call has ended.
  • Why does this app have ads?
    Seven Broadcasting is a non-profit organization and to run a station like Radioseven we need to be able to pay music licensing fees. All income from the ads in this app go to Seven Broadcasting and helps paying these fees, and in the end makes it possible for you to enjoy the great music on Radioseven!
  • Streaming is not working well, audio is skipping etc
    You need a good network connection (at least 3G/EDGE with decent reception) for streaming to work. Default bitrate used in this app is 128 kbps, but if you have a bad connection or limited bandwidth you can go to the preferences menu and change stream quality to "low" and it will stream at 64 kbps (stream has to be restarted after changing these settings). You can also turn of downloading of current song title in the settings, if it's affecting playback stability.